I have been practicing different yoga forms for over twenty years, starting out with Iyengar and Kundalini yoga and more recently finding my way to yin yoga. I combine yin yoga, aimed at rest and tranquility, with the more dynamic flow embodied in yang yoga. In this way, I create a restorative practice as a way to restore balance in body and mind.

I am a certified yin yoga instructor and presently teach restorative, small group yoga at IBC Amstelland. My clients are mostly people with physical injuries and constraints, particularly shoulder and back-related. This requires very careful supervision, to ensure people relax and find space in their bodies, joints and limbs, and learn to focus not so much on physical constraints, but rather on what is available for them. My practices are developed in close consultation with shoulder and back experts Karin Hekman (physiotherapist) and Holly Tops (acupuncturist).

My yoga practices include mindfulness techniques as well as subtle elements from haptotherapy and feldenkrais ('awareness through movement').

If you want to know about my yoga or want to work together, please contact me.