Training for researchers

Research is all about developing new knowledge about important societal questions, whereby content is key. However, the quality of the research process has a huge influence on the quality of our research - and this is something that we can develop! I am a trainer for Hertz Trainings for Scientists with a focus on project management for researchers, mainly for groups of PhD candidates and groups of supervisors

Our trainings include essential research skills including project planning, time management, communication & negotiation, leadership, writing and more. Strengthening these skillsets can bring about major improvements in the quality of your work as a researcher, helping you work much more efficiently, more effectively and more enjoyably

These trainings bring together my experience as an academic with over 10 years of PhD supervision experience, and 20 years of experience as a facilitator of learning and as a project manager of large research projects. And at the same time, being a trainer helps me in my work as a researcher and team leader. Win-win!

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